• Staying Focused

  • Staying Focused

    January 6, 2018
  • How do we stay focused?

    As we begin 2018, I remain focused on the vision God laid on my heart. This vision, Godspeed, the ministry. This all began back in August with countless days of prayer and finally the purchase of the NSX. I really couldn’t see why the Lord would set me on this course, after all, I was nowhere near equipped. Yeah, I have a passion for cars and Jesus, but my knowledge of the Lord is so limited. A friend of mine often reminds us that God doesn’t call the equipped, He equips the called. What I find so amazing by this is day by day I am beginning to understand what God’s vision is. I only say “beginning” because I doubt that my human brain is capable of fully understanding.

    There have been some awesome developments as I begin down this road for which I am confident is all in His plan. Our worship pastor and I have drawn closer together as he shares my enthusiasm for this ministry. He and his son are jumping in with both feet to help! They both have passions like mine except, they both have much more experience spiritually. They also have skills and talents with software for video and video editing. How cool is that? Rather than uploading poor quality video that I shot in a car, we can now have professional quality video! I can also see this as God’s way of placing me with brothers in Christ who will help me grow both intellectually and spiritually!

    So, after all this rambling, you must be asking yourself “what is my message”? Here it goes…with the new year upon us, what better time to put our focus on Jesus. It’s easy to be drawn into the world. It’s easy to get derailed from God and begin behaving as the world would have us believing is good. I have heard it said that if you only had a diet of healthy food once a week that we would likely starve to death. The same holds true with our spiritual diet. If the only time we are hearing God’s Word is on Sunday, we may starve to death spiritually. I encourage you to read the Bible daily, stay in prayer continuously and we will remain spiritually healthy! Our faith comes from hearing the good news about Jesus! (Romans 10:17)

    God Bless and Godspeed!